Rules and advice
Tips if facing a puma

International records of pumas attacks on people are rare. Nevertheless, we must consider that the settlement of humans increasingly in remote areas favors interaction with wildlife that has always inhabited those areas. For this reason, we must take in mind that before an encounter with this species you must:
  • Keep calm and do not run.
  • Stand firm and face the animal, seeking eye contact.
  • Lift children in arms so they do not to run.
  • Never turn your back to the puma. Walk slowly backwards looking the puma in its eyes.
  • Try to seem larger by raising arms, and standing straight and upright.
  • Do not sit nor crouch.
  • Do not climb a tree nor a rock, the puma can do it better than you.
  • Do not approach the animal, especially if it is feeding or with offspring.
  • Most pumas will avoid confrontation. Do not corner it; leave open a way for it to escape.
  • If you are traveling by car and you come across a puma, do not get out to follow it.

Dear visitor of the Mylodon Cave Natural Monument

1 Make fire in any circumstance 1 Worry about the safety of your group and the other visitors
2 Walk off authorized trails and roads 2 Take care of children
3 Leave trash and pollutants 3 Respect traffic rules
4 Feed and disturb wildlife 4 Plan your trip according to your physical capabilities
5 Enter with pets 5 Report incidents to a park ranger
6 Alter and remove cultural and natural resources    
These rules are part of Chilean law. If you do not respect them, you commit a crime.